Black Walnut Slab Kitchen Island

Black Walnut Slab Kitchen Island

In honor of moms, we wanted to share with you a project Ian built for his mom. Ian made his parents a kitchen island for their new home. Ian’s mom is very organized, so she wanted big drawers to organize everything.  I think it’s pretty cool that he made all the drawers different sizes, because kitchen items all come in different sizes.

The counter top is from a beautiful black walnut slab from Genuine Timbercraft (check them out!  On the slab, there is a live edge which adds a great rustic touch.

Ian used half of the black walnut slab for the counter, and then with the other half he made a coffee table for his parents!

Curious how he did it?

The cabinet portion is made from a cabinet grade oak plywood. Cabinet grade ply is great when you’re needing bigger pieces.

First he cut squares out of the front of the cabinet for the drawers and door positions.

He used a handsaw to finish cutting out the corners after the face was attached to the rest of the cabinet.

Here are the drawers, waiting to be placed in their new home:

Its all about the details that make the project come together.

The finished island: The counter top was made by Genuine Timbercraft and the cabinet by us. Top has multiple coats of clear finish, the bottom has only one or two.

The kitchen island is gorgeous, and Ian’s parents love it.  When we come over for dinner and holidays, the island has become the spot for the buffet.  It’s become a place for kitchen storage, meal prep, and my favorite– where all the good food goes!


Wishing you sawdust and wood glue,