Clip Frame

Clip Frame

This is a super simple project that makes such a statement in our apartment.  We took a nice piece of pine wood, sanded and oiled it.  We used epoxy to hold the clip to the wood to assure it will stay.

Fun fact: the black lettering that says our last name is actually our cake topper from our wedding. We wanted to display our keepsake, and displaying it on a wood background adds so much texture to this corner of our living room.  I hear so many people talk about their keepsakes, “one day we will find a space, make a memory box for it.”  And then before you know it, years have gone by.

If you want to display a keepsake of yours, but don’t quite know how, please feel free to reach out to us! We’d love to help you keep those memories and display them in your home so you can be reminded of sweet memories.

This is definitely one of my favorite corners of our home.


Wishing you sawdust and wood glue,